Ep 4 - The vegetarian solution

The vegetarian solution, pouring problems, a #weirdwidget, and #curiouskitchen.

Mirella and Joshna tackle two contentious subjects in the worlds of food and drink: 

Making space for vegans and vegetarians in a world of meat-heavy menus. Are we unrealistic in our expectations of meat-eaters? And are we collectively obsessed with putting protein first? How do we make a shift we need to make for environmental responsibility?

Then, are self-serve beer taps a fad? Or are they here to stay? This could be a game-changer for the beverage industry but is it a potentially dangerous? 

On #weirdwidget, we test little gadget Canadians are sentimentally attached to. 

And finally, can Mirella and Joshna handle an intense but intensely popular Chinese spirit? They test out Baijiu on #curiouskitchen