Ep 5 - How do you solve a problem like Umami?

The fifth taste, first responder baking, an odd thing to use in a dark room, and a #weirdwidget.

Mirella and Joshna discuss the under-represented fifth taste: Umami. It's that funky (but not salty) taste you get in some of your favorite foods, but you might not know about it. Where do we find umami and how do we explain what it is?

First responder baking is a timely phenomenon. More people are baking to relieve their stress and help their friends cope with the world. Mirella doesn't find baking stress-relieving at all, but to Joshna there's nothing like a relaxing chocolate cake! (check out the quick cake recipe).

Kodak and Dogfish Head Brewery have developed a beer together - which can develop photographs! Mirella and Joshna dig into the details. Check out Stefan Schaufelberger’s photographs developed in beer.

And finally, Joshna has a *crush* on this dangerous #weirdwidget.