Ep 9 - All the mouthfeels

What happened to texture, Craft beer as convenience, "is food art?", and foods seek love in #blindbeerdate

On this episode of Hot Plate we think about texture and mouthfeel of food and drink. More and more this is a secondary consideration to the industry and it's a huge problem. We talk about food and drink where the mouthfeel just isn't right, and what could solve the problem.

Next, this article discusses a curious effect breweries- industrial buildings - have on residential property values. Whereas we might not want any old factory in our back yards, counterintuitively a brewery acts as an amenity for a neighborhood.

Then, we don't name names - but there is an article floating around about food as art. In it the author allows art to completely overtake the purpose of food: nourishment. It was hard to contain our frustration long enough to record this segment… but we did learn about influential Indian Chef Gaggan Anand. Enjoy!

Finally, we have a #blindbeerdate: Mirella brings a random beer and a Joshna brings a random food to pair. We see what complements, what clashes, and, if we're lucky, discover something truly delightful!