Ep 8 - People who eat without pants

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The dynamics of food delivery with Earlscourt BBQ's Jason Rees, cultural appropriation in restaurants, a case for mignardises, and #curiouskitchen

On this episode of Hot Plate we get riled up with Jason Rees, competitive BBQer and owner of the very tasty Earlscourt BBQ in Toronto. He pulls back the curtain on food delivery services. For restauranteurs, what has the explosion of these services meant? What are the hidden benefits and drawbacks of this innovation and disruption? And is there really a difference between the people who eat at home and the people who go to a restaurant in person?


Then, Mirella and Joshna react to recent cultural appropriation debates in the restaurant business:  Gordon Ramsay's company is in the news defending his new London restaurant. Is he right or wrong to call is "authentic asian"? Where and how do we draw the line on what is appropriation and what is not?

Three mignardises courtesy of Chef Joshna Maharaj.

Three mignardises courtesy of Chef Joshna Maharaj.


Finally Joshna puts on her hospitality hat to make a compelling case for mignardises, only to find Mirella turning her nose up at free post-desserts desserts! But all is mended with a drink in a special follow-up #curiouskitchen, where we test vodka made with milk permeate: Vodkow from Dairy Distillery.