Ep 7 - Hot Plate unwrapped

Food over-packaging with special guest Michelle Genttner, no-waste menus at home, alcohol and creativity, and a #weirdwidget

We welcome our first ever guest! Michelle Genttner from Unboxed Market knows food packaging inside and out. She and her partner have opened Toronto's first Zero Waste Grocery Store. Michelle joins Mirella and Joshna to talk over-packaging, and why it's even happening in the first place.

Michelle Genttner quote.png

Also, there's a "no waste" menu trend,  hot now in restaurants. But is it really just a conversation starter for what can happen at home? Currently the average Canadian household wastes 140kg of food each year! Want to do better? We share some ways to pay more attention to what's in your fridge.

Then, An endearing New York Times article profiles two scientists who meet weekly for a drink and a chat. Can alcohol really fuel creativity? They wrote 10 books together, ostensibly because of their drinking. What can you do with a drink in hand?  

Finally, Hot Plate tests a very cheap #weirdwidget which delivers the goods - and the zest!