Ep 6 - The food insecurity crisis

A closer look at how Canadians eat - food insecurity and Canada's food guide. Then, distilling food scraps, and where's the booze in #curiouskitchen?

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In this episode Mirella and Joshna delve into recent changes to Canada's Food Guide, which was revised in January 2019 by Health Canada. Aside a move away from meat, what changed? What do the changes mean about how we eat? What's realistic to expect? Are there any encouraging trends?

Then, a wakeup call. In the months following the Food Guide revision it's been revealed just how many Canadian are "food insecure" and the numbers are horrifying. How can we do better? Is it even possible for Canadians to follow the new Food Guide? Read The Walrus article for yourself: Food Security is our new national crisis.

Finally, how food waste is being turned into spirits! Check out this we talk about on the show:

Boozy beverage from food waste and Researchers make beer from sushi rice.

And on #curiouskitchen Mirella and Joshna test a non-alcoholic spirit: Garden 108 by Seedlip