Ep 18 - Season finale: Fat green heads

Why Mukbang enrages Joshna, regenerative greens for your salad, milk cutting spice (as usual), and a #weirdwidget which grooms your herbs

Mirella and Joshna fall down the rabbit hole of Mukbang, the Korean trend of broadcasting over-eating. Bethany Gaskin is internet famous for picking up in the trend and stuffing her face with shellfish. If you already know about her, that's okay, because the conversation travels to ASMR, synesthesia, mussels which cook themselves (terrifyingly) due to climate change, and Joshna's existential rage.

There's some really promising news from a local farm about regenerative, organic agriculture. We used to think choosing to eat organics was about what we wanted to put into our bodies, but now there's more to consider. This approach to farming is carbon negative, meaning it improves the environment. A local restaurant chain, IQ Food, has teamed up with The New Farm to promote their regenerative salad greens and this is a seriously good news story.

A study was just released, confirming, the mostly common knowledge -- believe it or not -- that milk is the best  thing to drink to ease the burn of spicy foods. Some intrepid researchers tried a number of things and confirmed milk is "the one". If you've heard this story before you'll already know all that, but did you know they never figured out "WHY"?

Finally, Mirella and Joshna test a #weirdwidget unsuitable for personal grooming but designed for combing your herbs!