Ep 17 - The great beyond for meat and cookie dough

Who is eating Beyond Meat, when beer flavours go too far, a new and safe raw cookie dough, and a failed #weirdwidget

Beyond Meat is sweeping across restaurant menus and grocery store shelves. As Vandana Shiva points out, this is all part of further industrialization of food, responding to the market rather than addressing climate change and factory faming. When we think we're making a smart choice by choosing an alternative to meat, is this a real and impactful option?

Beer flavours have jumped the shark in Mirella's opinion. Odd ingredients in beer appear to be a common theme. What are the strangest flavours we've tried and how are brewers reacting to them?

Then, Nestle and Toll House are selling tubs of raw cookie dough, ready for eating right out of the tub. It's safe, and oh so enticing… But isn't cookie dough meant to be baked with?

Finally, a gadget that literally tries replace something most people have:  hands. It's a hard fail on this episode's #weirdwidget!