Ep 16 - Oral crunching while seated

In defense of cooking, the rise of the New England IPA, posture and taste, and perfect threesome of a #blindbeerdate

In defense of cooking, Mirella and Joshna dive into this New York Times piece about the importance of time spent cooking in the kitchen. The current message from all sides is "don't waste your time cooking". Convenience culture and the explosion in popularity of delivery services means fewer people seem to enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Is cooking really an endangered species? Is a cultural shift happening? Or, is this all just marketing spin?

Next: Do you want to nerd out about beer? Some beer drinkers definitely don't. It turns out these uninterested drinkers might well be IPA drinkers, according to an article published by the Brewers Association (in the USA). This isn't a discussion about IPAs, but it might explain why the New England IPA has risen so quickly.

Then, we - humanity - have finally learned for certain that sitting down helps you taste better. This study proves what instinct tells us: posture has an impact on our enjoyment of food. What does this mean to the way we make and consume food? We're boggled by the ramifications. 

Finally, we explore a non-alcoholic beer paired with chips and home-made hummus on #blindbeerdate. It's a pretty perfect threesome!