Ep 15 - No good times in Toronto

Toronto Brews Exhibit with Wayne Reeves, what makes a great sandwich, and bubbles in beer.

Mirella and Joshna welcome Wayne Reeves, Chief Curator of Museums and Heritage Services for the City of Toronto and curator of the upcoming "Toronto Brews: Two Centuries of Beer Culture in the City." Toronto's historic  relationship to beer fascinating, but we also wonder if this is part of a growing interest in documenting the history happening right now. The Smithsonian is now documenting the craft beer movement, recognizing its current historical importance, and Toronto is certainly taking steps to acknowledge its long history of brewing.

Then, OH MY do we have opinions about sandwiches or what! Toronto Life released its Bread Winners list sandwiches, which begs the questions "what makes a great sammy?" and "how far exactly should Joshna spread the contents of the Sammy?" How do we really feel about dry corners? 

Finally, despite a personal interest in all things bubble tea and tapioca, Mirella rails against the new Tapioca Beer trend popping up in Japan and in LA. She's dreading the day it sweeps Canada, but Joshna can't wait!