Ep 14 - Non-drinkers who like to drink

Drinks writer Sarah Parniak on Seedlip, an electric tongue that can do your tasting for you, dehumanizing drinkers, and #curiouskitchen. 

Sarah Parniak, drinks writer, former bartender, and Canadian Brand Ambassador for non-alcoholic distilled spirit Seedlip, joins us to talk about the rise of NA (non-alcoholic) cocktails. Is there a growing movement of non-drinkers? Why are they spending time in bars "not drinking"? Sarah helps us unravel this growing group and understand the opportunities it's creating.

Then, we muse about an E-tongue. Are tasting robots going to replace professional tasters? We're excited to learn more about our future robot executive chefs...

Apparently both men and women dehumanize women as they drink, according to a thoroughly depressing new study. Naturally we find it upsetting, though the study was conducted with beer, which has long suffered from certain connotations. We'll hear more about its history in an upcoming episode.

 Finally, on #curiouskitchen, we  taste test the wonderful and unconventional Italian treat, Lupini Beans! Here’s a fun VICE article about them.