Ep 13 - Get up early, hang with farmers 

Cookie Roscoe on making farmers' markets part of your routine, next level ice cream, the winning formula for breweries, and our first live #blindbeerdate ends badly!

Farmers' markets manager and Queen's Diamond Jubilee recipient Cookie Roscoe joins us to talk about all things farmers markets. How can we work markets into our busy schedules? What should we expect to get and why are they popping up all over? Getting up early on a Saturday has never sounded so good!

As the summer heat approaches ice cream season sets in. Mirella and Joshna review a few next-level flavors and  reminisce about the one that got away. This season's trend is taking us towards really savoury, complex ice cream. What makes ice cream such a great canvas for flavour?

Then, if producing an ongoing rotation of sour, hazy and quirky beers is a winning formula, why are so few new breweries using that model? 

Finally, a #blindbeerdate where really we should have just quite while we were ahead.