Ep 12 - Setting the bar high

Better beer, with Steve Riley from betterbeer.com, enthusiasm for edibles, bathing in beer, and #weirdwidget

Mirella's old friend Steve Riley joins us to talk about what's going wrong with beer in bars. What's actually happening when we're served a pint of beer that just isn't quite right? More importantly, how do bars go about solving some of these problems. He makes reference to his wall of shame -- if you have a strong stomach you can see it here: https://www.betterbeer.com/wall-of-shame/

Then, our frequently discussed friend Dr. Sylvain Charlebois has been busy studying weed. This study suggests people aren't as stoked for edibles as might have been expected. Mirella and Joshna talk about why we're not all eating pot brownies after legalization. 

Of course Mirella thinks it would be a great idea to bathe in beer! But now she's got backup. Apparently there are scientific reasons to add beer to your bathtub - or maybe not so literally. Would she really try it? Isn't it a waste? How on earth can beer help your skin anyway?

Finally, Steve stumps Mirella and Joshna with a truly unlikely #weirdwidget!