Ep 10 - From tampons to tinctures

A controversial cocktail with Josh Lindley from Bartender Atlas, looking beyond bitterness, taste and ageing, and damiana tincture in #curiouskitchen

Josh Lindley is the co-founder of Bartender Atlas and has spent his career making drinks. We asked him what he thought of an explosively controversial "tampon cocktail". Can go too far?

Bitterness. No, not the emotional kind! Joshna has been playing with bitterness in her kitchen and walks Mirella through her findings. As it turns out, there's some solid wisdom that connects bitter flavours to the absorption of nutrients, the digestion of food, and the health of your gut.

Then, Mirella and Joshna get digging into the sad reality of how taste changes as we age. It's not pretty… but maybe there's an upside!

Finally in #curiouskitchen, Josh Lindley brings us a damiana tincture made by Dani Tatarin's Las Animas Botica.